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Winfield Community Bank is now Grand Ridge National Bank

Same Location! Same Staff!! Same Great Service!!!


Debit Card
1.     You will receive a new MasterCard Debit Card to replace your Visa Debit Card in the mail in late June early July.

2.     You may activate your card immediately but you may not begin using your new card until JULY 20, 2015. Your old card will no longer be valid after July 20, 2015.

3.     YOU NEED TO TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION if you have any recurring debit card charges to pay bills such as utilities, gym memberships, student loans or phone bills etc. You will need to notify them of your new card number and expiration date. Again, make sure they do not use the new card until July 20, 2015.

WINPAY (Bill Pay Subscribers)
Effective July 20, 2015, we will be changing our bill pay provider to Check Free. We think you will be very satisfied with this change. It is a more robust system and gives you greater capabilities such as Mobile Banking, Account Alerts and more. Unfortunately, our bill pay customers will have to re-enroll. See “Following Actions Required” below for instructions and dates.

FOLLOWING ACTION REQUIRED for our current bill pay subscribers

1.     You will need to re-enroll in the New bill pay service on or after, July 20, 2015 and you will need to re-establish your bill payees.

2.     VERY IMPORTANT that if you have any recurring payments scheduled after July 17, 2015 on the Winfield Community Bank’s bill pay, they WILL NOT be processed.

3.     Your online banking sign on will remain the same, however starting July 20, 2015, you will begin using the Grand Ridge National Bank’s website, www.grnbank.com. If you go to the old website you will be re-directed to the new website.

Online Banking and Website
1.     Effective July 20, 2015, www.winfieldcommunitybank.com website will no longer be available. You will be re-directed to www.grnbank.com

2.     Your User ID and Password will remain the same.

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