Consumer Loan Products
Winfield Community Bank offers all types of consumer loans, with on-site approval and quick turnaround times.
Call our Lending Department at 630-871-9711
for current rates and complete details.
Home Equity Loans
Our Home Equity Loans offer competitive fixed rates for terms of five to ten years, with monthly fixed payments. With a minimum loan of $10,000 and up to 80% of your Equity, A Home Equity Loan can be used for any purpose.
Home Equity Lines of Credit
With a Home Equity Line of Credit you have flexibility in your draws and repayments. Interest rates vary depending on the amount of the loan and the value of your home.
Bridge Loans
We can provide short term real estate loans to "bridge" the time period between a purchase and a sale or between construction and a sale. This loan is secured by one or more properties for the term required. The rate is floating based on the prevailing Prime rate index and fees may apply.
Residential Construction Loans
Terms match the expected construction period and rates are floating based on the prevailing Prime rate index. Fees for loan costs and out of pocket costs apply. All disbursements are handled through a title company construction escrow.
Vehicle Loans
Standard vehicle loan products are offered at competitive rates with terms up to five years, depending on the age of the vehicle.
For all of the above loan categories:
-Advance rates vary per collateral
-Interest may be floating or fixed
-Repayment terms vary per transaction
-Personal guarantees may be required to support the transaction
*All loan approvals are based on review of creditworthiness as determined by
Winfield Community Bank guidelines